How much does it cost to replace a windshield?

{“@context”:”http:\/\/”,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”How much does it cost to replace a windshield?”,”description”:”Trying to figure out what it will cost to replace your windshield or auto glass? Watch this convenient video from the experts at http:\/\/ to better understand the main factors that are calculated into the cost of your windshield and auto glass replacement. It’s always important to know and understand what you’re paying for. While higher quality glass can be slightly more expensive, as can high quality glass installation, it’s definitely worth the money you spend. Your auto glass, especially your windshield, make up to 60% of your vehicle’s overall cabin strength. You are not replacing a mere windscreen… You’re ensuring the structural integrity of your vehicle, so as not to put your safety at risk in the event of an accident. However, buyer beware! Make sure you look closely at the terms of any special deal or discount that a shop is advertising for it’s glass\u2013often the discounts and deals advertised are contingent on additional purchases of things you may not want or need. Instead, get the most accurate and immediate quote to replace your windshield and auto glass, using http:\/\/! provides you up to 3 comparison auto glass replacement quotes in as little as 30 seconds\u2013and the quotes are NEVER contingent on special terms or conditions! Empower yourself to make the best possible choice for your life, and for your wallet! \n

If you\u2019re wondering what it costs to replace your windshield and\/or auto glass, you aren\u2019t alone.\n

If you\u2019ve ever needed to replace glass before, you know the prices can vary quite a bit. \n

So what exactly goes into the price of replacing your windshield and\/or auto glass? And how does that affect the cost of the replacement?\n

First, it\u2019s important to note that unless you live in an area with high rates of auto vandalism or wildly changing weather, it\u2019s unlikely that you\u2019ll replace your windshield more than once every 7 years – which is the anticipated lifespan of properly installed, good quality auto-glass. \n

But when you find yourself needing to replace your windshield or auto glass, the cost will be determined by the following factors: \n

The make, model, and age of your car. Some cars have bigger windshield and windows than others, while others have special glass needs because of how the vehicle is designed. \n

Glass position and type. Your windshield is laminated so that it stays largely intact even when damaged, while your vehicle\u2019s other glass is tempered to give it added strength and prevent dangerous shards from forming when broken. \n

You may think that your windshield would be the most expensive piece of glass, but usually it\u2019s the cheapest simply because it is the most common, and therefore manufactured in much higher quantities.\n

The type of autoglass used to replace the damaged windshield or windows. There are 3 types of glass that an installer can use \u2013 Dealer, OEM, and OEE. If you have a choice, OEM is the best kind of glass to select for your vehicle. It is made to the exact identical specs as original Dealer glass, but costs less than Dealer glass does. \n

On the other hand, the cheapest glass is OEE. And while cheap may sound good, the problem with OEE glass is that it\u2019s not always fully up to the same specs as the original Dealer glass installed in your vehicle. Many dealers actually will not accept leased vehicles back that have OEE glass. In this instance, you really do get what you pay for. \n

Add-on services. Depending on what shop you decide to get your vehicle\u2019s glass replaced at, they could charge you additionally for mobile service, or they could have special offers that are contingent on you buying additional products and services you don\u2019t need. \n

Despite these factors, we know you still want the highest quality glass at the lowest price.\n

So when you want the best deal on your windshield and\/or auto glass, without sacrificing your safety or the quality of your installation, come visit us at\n

We\u2019re the #1 marketplace for comparison auto quotes from local independent auto glass installation shops. \n

In as little as 30 seconds, can provide you with up to 3 FREE quotes from shops in your area\u2026 And each quote can include:\n

Estimated price
\nWhether the shop can do same day service
\nThe qualifications of the shop
\nConsumer-generated reviews
\nIf the shop uses OEM glass
\nAnd much, much more. \n

There are NEVER any hidden terms and conditions to your quote, and as long as you provide accurate vehicle and glass information when in the process of getting your quote, the quote should be accurate. \n

Giving you this information is\u2019s way of empowering you to make the most informed decision for you and your budget. \n

Don\u2019t leave your safety and wallet in someone else’s hands. Find accurate windshield and auto glass replacement quotes with!”,”thumbnailUrl”:””,”uploadDate”:”2015-05-02T18:36:59.000Z”,”duration”:”PT4M2S”,”embedUrl”:”https:\/\/\/v\/OVtJgJckNIk”}

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