Nettle Leaf Capsules by Pure Mountain Botanicals

{“@context”:”http:\/\/”,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”Nettle Leaf Capsules by Pure Mountain Botanicals”,”description”:”Review of stinging nettle capsules from Pure Mountain Botanicals\n

Read more reviews or buy it here: http:\/\/\/Spectrum-Capsules-Organic-Stinging-Nettles\/dp\/B00SLTZKXY\n

Smell the difference! When you open a bottle of Pure Mountain Botanicals\u2019 Nettle Leaf capsules, you will smell the fresh ingredients that are used! It smells like actual herbs\u2026 not that vitamin smell you might be used to. \n

That\u2019s because Pure Mountain Botanicals uses ONLY Certified Organic Stinging Nettle Herb and NOTHING ELSE. \n

When you\u2019re thinking about taking natural supplements, remember this. Just like lettuce tends to brown and wilt in your refrigerator, supplements will deteriorate over time as well. Often you get capsules that are filled with powder from big warehouses. Who knows how long they\u2019ve been there. Most companies add in fillers, flowing agents and harsh preservatives.\n

But these Nettle Leaf capsules start with whole, fresh ingredients. They\u2019re kosher, vegetarian and gluten free. No sodium benzoate, no magnesium stearate, no GMOs. So you know you\u2019re putting the best product in your body!\n

And if for some reason you\u2019re not happy, there\u2019s a 100% manufacturer’s money back guarantee. No questions asked. \n

Critique T says \u201cAfter reading Pure Mountain’s write up, I thought I would give their product a try, and it\u2019s the best I’ve found on the market. I’ve shared this product with others and recommend the product.\u201d\n

K. Woodson said \u201cThis is by far the best Nettle I’ve been fortunate enough to try. My assumption is that because it is full spectrum, it entered my system straight away.\u201d\n

Rachell Gober says “This product was recommended by many friends and my sister!!! I feel that it is helping me immensely.”\n

And Lady McBeath says \u201cI use Nettle and Lavender oil every day, sometimes two or three times a day.\u201d\n

CreativeRed said \u201cI bought another brand when this one was out of stock, and I realized just how well this brand works. This one is definitely the real deal.\u201d\n

Other Videos here: https:\/\/\/channel\/UCwsb7l4PoaijD2calshjEEA\n

Thanks for watching: https:\/\/\/watch?v=0_U-RZ4tQIw”,”thumbnailUrl”:”https:\/\/\/vi\/0_U-RZ4tQIw\/sddefault.jpg”,”uploadDate”:”2016-10-03T12:43:48.000Z”,”duration”:”PT1M42S”,”embedUrl”:”https:\/\/\/v\/0_U-RZ4tQIw”}

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